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The EcigShop24 boasts colourful and varied electronic cigarette battery range. Whether you're looking for something to screw onto your clearomizer or your cartomizer, you should find every time of ecig battery you need in this section.

Types of E-Cigarette Battery

There are several types of ecig battery:

Cigalike e-cigarette battery: this is the type typically found on '1st Generation' e-cigarettes - one which looks like cigarette stick and light up at the tip (much like a traditional cigarette does)

eGo e-cigarette battery: This is a battery typically found on an e-liquid (tank) kit.

Variable Voltage e-cigarette battery: This is the e-cigarette battery on with which the voltage of your e-cigarette can be adjusted by the user.

Mod e-cigarette battery: This is the battery that goes inside a mod ecig.