E Liquid

E-liquid is a combination of nicotine, flavourings and propylene glycol to create the actual vapour. This then provides an experience which closely mimics that of smoking a cigarette, without inhaling the toxins and other damaging components you get from smoking tobacco.

EcigShop24® Germany has a fantastic range of e-liquid refills available within this section. Make sure to browse our e-cigarette starter kits range or our box mods section for ideas of which device you may want to use your liquid with.

E-Liquid Flavour Options

We offer a wide range to choose from including everything from menthol to strawberry and butterscotch to cherry cola and many more flavours. You can even mix the liquids to find a unique flavour you like, for example mixing blueberry and tobacco together to find the right type for your taste buds.

Ingredient in e-liquid:

There are five main ingredients in e-liquid:

• Nicotine – various levels available from the highest of 4.5% down to 0% (nicotine free)

• Propylene Glycol – Most e-liquid contains between 80% & 92% propylene glycol. This is the ingredient that produces the vapour when you exhale.

• Vegetable Glycerine – This produces sweetness and flavour (note: look out for "Max VG" e-liquid which is made with over 50% vegetable glycerine, and can only be used in certain specialist clearomizer chambers)

• Distilled Water

• Flavourings

E-Liquid at EcigShop24

Having found the type of e-liquids you want to try from EcigShop24, why not see what some of our popular brands have available too? We stock a number of products from big names such as BLU Cigs as well as the excellent Element E-liquid range.