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E-cigarette Starter Kits

The E-cigarette Starter Kit:

Electronic cigarette starter kits are your first requirement when moving onto electronic smoking (or vaping!). The EcigShop24 carries rechargeable e-cigarette starter kits from all of the major EU brands, so has a large choice available at prices unmatched anywhere else! An e-cigarette starter kit typically comes in a cigarette-style box which includes your battery and all parts required to assemble your e-cig.

Benefits of the Rechargeable E-Cig Starter Kit

The electronic cigarette starter kit is the most cost-effective way to use the e-cigarette, since it can be refilled with cartomizer e-cigarette refills or e-liquid once they have run out. E Cigarette starter kits can last anywhere up to 12 months, but be sure to check the details with your chosen e-cigarette brand.

Every electronic cigarette starter kit from The EcigShop24 comes with recharging accessories, either a USB charger or a mains plug. You can also buy are e-cigarette kits with varying strengths of nicotine and in different flavours, e.g. tobacco, menthol, cherry, vanilla etc.

Rechargeable E-cigarette Starter Kit Vs Disposable E-Cigarette

We recommend that you try a disposable e cigarette before moving onto the rechargeable & reusable variety. This is exactly why the starter kits are the perfect first choice, as you minimise your initial investment and can be confident that your outlay in a starter kit is money well spent. However, starter kits and subsequent refills are in many ways the ideal place to start if you already know you want to 'make the switch' to the e-cig and have a preferred brand in mind.

Range of E-Cigarette Starter Kits We Sell

We have the largest range of e-cigarette starter kits available anywhere in the world. You can feel confident buying rechargeable starter kits from the following popular brands: blu, NJOY, Gamucci, VIP, Nicolites, blu, E-Lites, TABlites, Vapestick, Vype and many more.

Please bear in mind there are two types of ecig starter kit: one is the type which looks like a cigarette (currently the more popular variety, but watch this space), and the e-liquid-based starter kit. The former is refilled by cartomizers and the latter, as the name suggests, is refilled by e-liquid.

Your One-Stop Shop for E-cigarette Starter Kits

The EcigShop24 hopes you find the right e cigarette brand to suit your tastes and needs. If you have any feedback or can recommend any new e-cigarette brands to us, please get in touch with our friendly team